Beacon Academy of Nevada

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How Attendance is Taken Online: 

It is important that you continue to have perfect attendance, so please ensure you are attending school every week (Saturday – Friday).  Remember, even if you submit work in most of your courses but skip just one, you will not earn attendance for the week and will receive a truancy notice.  Emails and/or phone calls are sent out on Wednesdays to warns students that they have not met their online attendance for the week.  If you receive a warning email or phone call regarding attendance your student will have until Friday at 11:59 p.m. to submit an assignment in every class. Distance Education requires that a student submits at least one assignment in every class each week in order to meet attendance requirements. 


How Attendance is Taken on Campus:

If you are enrolled in an Academic Explorations course, you cannot miss more than three sessions (excused or unexcused) during the term.  If you miss more than three class sessions, you will not earn credit in the course.  There are no make-up opportunities for unexcused absences. Excused absences allow the student one week to complete the makeup sessions.  You must sign in using your student identification card every time you are on campus.  If you fail to do so and are marked absent it will not be corrected since there is no backup documentation to prove that you were on campus.


We can only excuse absences when documentation, with a valid reason, is provided for the entire week. A single-day absence does not excuse a week's worth of attendance.  If you know you are going to be absent, you may also schedule a pre-arranged absence and schedule a make-up session.  Makeup sessions must be completed within a week of the excused absence.



Pre-Arranged Absence Requests:


You are allowed up to 10 pre-arranged absences per school year.  You can access the form here: pre-arranged absence, or pick one up at the school.  Completed form must be returned 5 school days prior to the absence.  If you are enrolled in Academic Explorations please note which session(s) you will attend to make up the absences.  Please be aware that a pre-arranged absence does not excuse you from your online attendance.