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FAQ for Computer Help

Working with Google docs and GradPoint
  • How do I right click?
    • Click the touch-pad with two fingers to open the right-click menu. 


  • How do I take a screenshot on a Chromebook?
  • Choose record by mic icon (the third icon that looks like a microphone). 
  • Click "Allow" for access to he microphone. 

  • Record your message in step 1.
  • Enter your email address in Step 3.
************CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR RECORDING******************
  • Alternative method is to use the Mic Note App.
    • Using a BANV provided Chromebook - Click on the search icon in the lower left corner of your Chromebook. 
    • Select the ALL APPS icon.  Select the MIC NOTE icon.
  • Once the app is opened > you will need to change some settings for the first time. 
  • By default this app saves all recorded messages to the APP- There are directions on the main screen to change the save location.

  • OPTIONS>SETTINGS>DATABASE> Change the location to your GOOGLE DRIVE. 
  • You also MUST change the Auto-export to save in MP3 Format. 
  • Select Auto-Export>GOOGLE DRIVE> and change from .micnote to MP3
  • Click on the paper icon to make a new recording.  Change the "Unnamed Note" to name of your assignment. 
  • Click on the Blue Microphone Circle and record your message. 
  • The blue microphone circle will turn red, record your message and click the red microphone circle to stop recording. 
  • Save your recording by clicking on the save disc icon. 
Saving the recording will save the file to your Google Drive, but it could take some time to sync. You can speed this up by forcing a sync. 
  • Click the sync icon.
  •  Your recording can now be found in your Google Drive in the Mic Note Exports folder. 
  • Be sure to follow the share directions to submit assignments in GradPoint.
Accessing your Chromebook's Audio Settings -Submitted by Student, Michael Keuch
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