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Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Sufficient technology and Internet access is required to attend online classes at Beacon Academy of Nevada. The following information will help verify that you are adequately equipped.

Please ensure the student has a Windows. Chrome OS, or Mac based computer with the following minimum requirements available to complete coursework.  While an adequate desktop computer will provide sufficient technology, a laptop will offer the most flexibility for learning resources.

General Requirements

Most online courses support various operating systems and web browsers while utilizing additional browser plugins and settings. We suggest that you use relatively new computer hardware (4-5 years) with an updated operating system and web browser. It may be beneficial to install multiple browsers to ensure that you will be able to participate in all of your courses and their features.

Quick Checklist

  • Internet Connection 512kbps or faster (see Low Cost Internet options)
  • Updated Operating System
  • Updated & SupportedWeb Browsers
  • JavaScript is Enabled in the Browser
  • Browser Cookies are Enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player is Installed
  • Java Plugin is Installed
  • Popups are not blocked for the course web page
  • A headset with microphone and/or web cam may also be necessary
Platform Operating System Browsers Plugins
Windows PC Windows XP SP3+
including Vista, 7, 8
Internet Explorer 9+
Mozilla Firefox 25+
Google Chrome 30+
Flash Player 10+
Java 6+
Adobe Reader
Apple Macintosh Mac OSX 10.6 + Apple Safari 6+
Chrome 30+
Firefox 25+
Flash Player 10+
Java 6+
Chrome OS      

Required Websites for Beacon Academy


Google Apps